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August 13, 2009

Throw out all those old photo albums where your photos keep slipping and create your own professional looking book for the same price! Think of how beautiful your wedding photos could be in a perfectly bound book on your coffee table. Or haven’t you always wanted to do something with that collection of photos you have of your nephew? Professional photographers are starting to create books to show as their portfolio and you can really tell the difference. Now people can mingle text with photos rather than having just a photo album.  I’ve used two different book making companies and loved the outcome.

Blurb is an amazing company that allows you to design your own book using their user-friendly software. Once you’re done, they print and ship it to you. You can pick from a variety of sizes between a 7 x 7 square, 8 x 10 portrait, ad 13 x 11 landscape. Blurb lets you hold up to 440 pages and can do soft covers, hard covers with a dust jacket, and even hard covers with an image wrap. Prices start at $12.95!

See some samples of actual books below:





Another company I’ve used over and over again is right here in LA:

A&I Photo is right in Hollywood. They are actually a photo lab so they know a thing or two about fine quality printing. They recently started making books a few years ago. They also have a really easy to use program where you can simply drop in your photos/text and layout your pages. They will then print the books and ship them to you. I’ve noticed that A&I has more variety in book sizes than Blurb but they also cannot do a hardcover image wrap- just dust jacket. Prices start at $14!

Having trouble designing/laying out your book? Have Smitten help! We’ve made plenty of books for us and our clients and know the drill   🙂

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