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August 21, 2009

After seeing Sam’s engagement photos, Smitten wanted to dedicate a little post on the book the Tiffany Wedding by John Loring. Sam received the Tiffany Wedding book as a gift from both her mother and soon to be mother in law.  Both mothers have had their own copy for years. It’s one of those books that have become a classic, timeless keepsake filled with gorgeous imagery and amazing details, perfect for the romantic.



The book was written by John Loring and published in 1988. Loring has been the design director for Tiffany & Company since 1979, so he knows a thing or two about creating beautiful atmosphere. On weddings, Loring has said

“A wedding is a celebration, a rite of passage that joins two people’s past into one couple’s future. It’s one event in two people’s lives that they wish to make imaginative, extravagant and unique. They want to delight the guests with the style, beauty and charm of their special day.”

This book is filled with information and imagery to create that wonderful romantic, whimsical style. The details in this book can also be used not only for planning a wedding but any event that you want to be filled with “style, beauty and charm.”

A great choice for an engagement gift!

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