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Vendor Spotlight: Photographer Heather Kincaid

September 18, 2009

Photographer Heather Kincaid describes her work as “colorful, fun, vibrant with unexpected expressions.” We felt that those descriptions matched Heather’s personality too!


Heather comes from a visual background. Her parents are both graphic designers so she grew up with design all around her.  It was an easy decision for her to leave her potential career in the entertainment industry to really follow her passion: photography.  Heather has only taken a couple of photography classes but she is an avid reader of blogs and has learned tricks of the trade by researching other wedding photographers. Along with research, Heather has had years of experience shooting weddings starting right after her high school graduation. She started shooting with a friend as a second shooter then went on to photograph weddings as the main shooter. From these weddings, word of mouth of her beautifully vibrant photos spread. She currently owns and operates her own wedding photography business full-time.

In her free time, Heather… well, shoots! Heather and her friend Meg Perotti, a fellow wedding photographer, hold impromptu photo shoots around town.

Heather also gets to flex her technical design skills while teaching a digital media and photoshop class at a local community college! A photographer, a graphic designer, and a teacher? Wow, we’re smitten with her multi-talents!

We asked Heather what inspires her when shooting. Heather immediately exclaimed unique environments were the main source. Unique fashion and the little details also catch her always probing eyes.

When speaking to Heather about shooting weddings, she stressed multiple times that her most important priority is capturing the couple’s essence, energy, and personalities. When asked which shoot was a favorite, Heather immediately chose Sam and Justin’s engagement shoot because the images are “so them.”


She loved that the images completely reflected their personalities. This shoot was a perfect example of what she likes to show through her photography.

What are her favorite locations to shoot engagement photos? “Los Feliz because it has that urban feel that you can’t find anywhere else in Los Angeles.” Los Feliz also is a short walk from Griffith Park for that beautiful outdoor/garden shoot so you can access the best of both worlds. Heather also likes to find interesting walls where she can play with composition and most importantly, she emphasizes good light as her key factor in choosing the perfect location.

What does Heather love most about her job? Meeting new people! Heather is definitely a people person. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, you feel like you’ve known her for years! She utilizes her upbeat social attitude to reel in work. Whether its meeting new clients, vendors, or even her competitors, Heather’s ability to create fast friends helps her receive referrals and great word of mouth.

Who is her favorite photographer? Jesh De Rox is one of her favorites. A Canadian wedding photographer, Jesh De Rox exudes emotional connections and zen feelings through his photography. Heather describes De Rox’s work as “inspirational and unique.”

What is her tip to the bride on her wedding day? “Make sure you feel fabulous, beautiful, and are in a good state of mind.” If you’re stressed on your big day, it will show on your face when you are taking those wedding photos.

Heather provided us with a few photos from a close friend’s wedding she shot in Santa Barbara a few weeks ago. Her relationship with the lovely couple? Heather went to prom with the groom’s twin brother!





The wedding took place outdoors at the rooftop of the Canary Hotel in Santa Barbara.




Smitten loves the lighting, the details, and the beautiful simplicity in these photos!

Heather travels all over, so whether you’re in Los Angeles or in New York, Heather will come to you! She has more amazing photography on her website and blog. Check them out, they’re not to be missed!

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  1. September 18, 2009 6:31 pm

    Beautiful! Heather’s personality and spirit always shine bright in her photographs- her personal style and artistic touches are what truly make her work speak from the heart. Love this spotlight on her!!!

  2. Cynthia permalink
    September 18, 2009 9:08 pm

    From dramatic to emotional to fun. And capturing the moment perfectly. She is an wesome photographer!


  1. Featured! - Smitten: An Events Lab • Heather Kincaid Photography

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